Murphy's laws - Living By Them

Greetings, I was reading about calculator problems during a test, and recalled a physics test I tried to take.
The main light in the room went out and only the emergency lights would come on.
It was enough to see the paper, but not enough to run my solar powered calculator.
So my law would be, "If you bring a solar powered calculator to a test, the room lights won't work."


we are looking for your stories that show murphy laws in action.
those stories will be entered here, with credit to you (if you want it).
I just got four e-mails form .
All I did is copy and paste.

subject: my law for war-laws section
"the most dangerous, most stupid and most useless weapon during an air -raid is a Radio..!!"

-ishan d. gorasia aka achilles

subject: my law for love-laws section
this ones also a damn sure law like observation dat i have seen n experiences lollz ....

"goon-like guys bag the best gals in the town..!!"

-ishan d. gorasia aka achilles

subject: my law in love-laws section
this ones the best i have observed n found...

"your chance of gettin a hot galfren is directly proportional to size n thickness of your wallet...!!"

-ishan d. gorasia aka achilles

subject: my law for love-laws section...
as i have found and confirmed it by my observations ...."good lookin chics are always academically downgraded or say stupid in got the meaning..!!"
(plz use proper n suitable wordings as reqd to post (if u ppl post) on the site).....!!

-ishan gorasia
student (I.T engg)

So I've answered:

Hello Ishan Gorasia.

Thank you for the laws you've sent me, I just posted them to the site.

Sincerely yours

R a a n a n A v i d o r
Cell:.......... +972526441526

And he answered back:

subject Re: my law for war-laws section

thanz a lot for dat raanan.....will keep sendin if got sumthin new 'kay....!!


here is an email i received from jerry alan lopez:

i, like probably others enjoy the laws because i relate to them when proving a point through absurdity and contradictions.

maybe it takes a certain breed or mentality, since my friends say this original is going on my headstone.

"the furthest parking place is the closest one"

they walking distance at first bothers them, but we always reach the front entrance to mall while others are still circling the lot for a space near it.

take the first available and try it.
some usually beats us to an apparently closer parking space before we get to it.

i just got home and went back to checking the cool sites and found yours. it's 2am and my day just came to a crashing end. it started this morning with my wife and i getting into a fight, and she walked out. after visiting my grandparents at the cemetery, i went to her work and we made up. i was signing guestbooks when my wife called at 12am to ask me to come down to work, because her car had been broken into. they smashed a window and stole her briefcase. and i just got home and found your site on the cool sites list. but of course they have the second cool site's address on your title, so it hit you too. boy, i'm going to bed before the dog bites me or the computer explodes. liked you site, too bad i didn't find a guestbook. congrats on making the cool site list.

david willard
as philosopher i believe that murphy's law is the most fundamental one. throughout history people were searching for more fundamental laws than they already know. a law which has the character of making other laws superfluous, because they can be explained with it is called a more fundamental then the law that can be explained with it. for example scientist are still considering the fact, that chemistry is less fundamental than physics and math, because if you could calculate the exact movements of all the mass-particles, you could calculate what physically happens in chemical reactions and chemistry so gets superfluous. well, murphy's law can eventually be described as the most fundamental laws. the motor of the evolution is the mistake. mutations is, what makes the evolution continue and what caused the development of the species. and mistake is created by murphy law. maybe, the way the world works is a good mixture of stability and failure, or in other terms a compromise! se between the calculable element and murphy's element (maybe murphy's law isn't too far away of the heisenberg-theory of the unsharp). the chinese called this compromise ying and yang.

uwe stahl
roy ellis wrote:

i work at a restaurant that functions through murphy's laws. in fact, "murphy" happens to be my new nick-name. whenever i don't work on wednesdays, which is always pretty slow, there's a lot of business. when i work friday nights, one of the busiest nights of the week, it's dead. if anything can go wrong at work, it will. whenever you say it can't get worse, it does. sometimes, we try to say that it will be a busy day so it will, in fact, be slow. but because we say it will be busy with the intent of making it slow, it is usually so busy we threaten to throw ourselves out of the windows. if it's quiet and one of us leaves, goes to the bathroom, or sits down to eat, costumers pour into the dining room. if i'm stocking the soda machine, the next person to walk in will sit in the table next to the soda machine, so that i can't finish my work, even if all other tables are free at that time. if we're low on chicken salad, that's what everyone wants. my family will always walk in during the biggest rush of the night. when we're busy, the 'to go' orders are always three pages long. the people with the largest parties, messiest meals, brattiest kids, and most complicated requests, will be the crappiest tippers on top of it. murphy's a smart man. we at the restaurant, are still trying to figure out how to manipulate his laws to our advantage. it can't be done.
hi guys,

i was looking at your site (which is great, thanks!) and i i went to do my washing, when i came up with a good saying. (well i guess you can be the judge). have you ever found that your train ticket or tissues etc always find their way into the washing machine? well look at this one. "you know you are rich, when you find last weeks pay floating with your wash."

dan levran a mail i received that i must say i don't understand, can you tell me what's the meaning? i hope it's a joke.

dear ravidor,

warm greetings. it was very interesting to understand that some, if not many, societies now 'live' according to murphy laws. reminds me of the 'evolutionary laws'. so i checked the internet to learn more about the murphy laws.
it was immediately worrisome that 'people who knew about the murphy laws that you do not have should tell you about it. the reward would be that their names would appear on the web page. this of course opens the opportunity for people to come up with both real and unreal. how can you possibly verify?
so it becomes like a joke. i did laugh sometimes. if your intention is to joke then reconsider the implications. but if you are serious, then i request that you conduct an in depth study on the life of people who apply the murphy laws. start from australia.
the murphy laws is altogether a lie. this is not surprising since the first author is only a used human being. but the laws of god are true. you will confirm that people who live according to the murphy laws are internally miserable, depressed and sometimes suicidal. but those who live according to the laws of the almighty god have internal peace and joy in the holy ghost.
of course some may site the beautiful outward appearances, as evidence that the murphy laws work. the steely unfeeling and emotionless hearts are probably the product of coping with lies like the murphy laws represent. historical evidence of societies and persons that apply and live by this half-lie half-truth is complete with racism, discrimination, sexual perversion, predation and ethnic cleansing. study carefully these facts, to show yourself approved, a workman rightly divided the words and facts.
sorry for my language, but it is still true that the murphy laws is unsustainable and wrong for the human family. but it is not so with the laws of the almighty god. god's laws are first of all pure and they are peaceable. it is only by the observance and obedience of the laws of god that universal peace and security can be had. investigate, and argue or debate the issues if you will, but at stop promoting lies, and embrace the truth which the word of god is. when you receive the revelation of the truth, please remember to share it vigorously as you do the lie that the murphy laws represent.

sincere regards

sent by imuetinyan igbinnosa


i've sent him an email:

hello imuetinyan igbinnosa

i must say i don't understand your mail.
there are no "real and unreal" laws, all laws are valid, so there is no need to "verify" them. of course it's "so it becomes like a joke", what isn't? i apply the laws of murphy and i'm not internally miserable, depressed and sometimes suicidal. the opposite is true. "the murphy laws is altogether a lie" - is it? "since the first author is only a used human being." - ??? "god's laws are first of all pure and they are peaceable" - more people were killed in the name of the lord, or because they didn't believe the "right" lord then for any other reason, think about that.

have a great day :)
raanan avidor


he replayed:

dear raanan avidor,

thanks for your last message. at least i understood your message. validity and reality indexes for obeying any set of laws depends on the outcome for obeying those laws. obedience to the laws of god in heaven leads to eternal life, but obedience to the others, including murphy's law, leads to both physical and spiritual death. racists, passive or active promoters of ethnic cleansing (refer to modern history of the australian aborigines, for example), etc, all knowingly or unknowingly get their inspiration and wisdom from 'real' laws like the murphy's laws.
all god's laws can be summarized into two: "you shall love the lord your god with all your heart with all your souls and with all your might", and the second, "you shall love your neighbor as yourself". it is by the observance of these clear laws that there would be universal peace and security. god's laws are vastly different from the direct/indirect insinuations and confusing rhetoric of laws like the murphy's laws.
it is the human non-observance, and/or, hypocritical observance of god's laws that has led to "more people were killed in the name of the lord, or because they didn't believe the right lord", that you cited. yet, this is no reason to run away from our creator, god. rather, to run away from the past and present people who twist the righteous laws of god for their own evil agenda, which includes to make people run away from the almighty god in heaven.
from your message, you sound smart enough to be practical and prove sources. therefore i suggest as follows: in your private room, alone, call on the name of the lord jesus christ, whom god has appointed as the savior. ask jesus to reveal himself and the truth to you. on the other hand, call on the name of murphy or any other god or thing that some believe and trust in. report your findings. "you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free".

imuetinyan igbinnosa


my response

did i mentioned i'm not christian?

raanan avidor


and he replied again:

it is written, "what would it profit a man to gain the whole world and loss his soul. what would you give in return for your soul?" "for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son () that if any man would believe, he will not die but have eternal life". again it is written, "anyone who would believe shall have everlasting life, but whosoever does not believe shall not see life but the judgment of god rests on that person". dear avidor, how can a man escape god's terrible judgment upon those who reject his son jesus christ, when they so willfully reject god's mercy? of what use or gain is pride and arrogance? or of ignorance and rejection of the knowledge of god and of his son jesus christ, the only hope for human beings?

think hard my dear friend and do the right thing. accept jesus now, before it is too late. "for it is appointed to man once to die and after that judgment".


i want to end it here, i just won't reply him, sorry, this is too much for me.


terry has a few comments here:

i was reading the correspondence between the two of you on your web site and i couldn't help but laugh. you see, i am a non-christian too and christianity always appeared to have more faults than a human mind (i hope this doesn't offend you in any way) somehow the idea that their god is the only god doesn't quite work for me... it's improper for anyone to speak of another religion, yet any christian soul can freely shove it down our throats! it has all been done in the name of the lord? i agree with you, since when does killing people in mass, because of non-compliance to their beliefs, please the god that says "love thy neighbor"?

if god thinks humans are such vile creatures that we need to be reminded of it every time we open his holy book, why doesn't he just kill us all? if the bible is supposed to bring it's readers such great joy, how come every page tells us something that we're doing wrong?! but, he still loves us, even though we are evil creatures. if atheism is so incredibly terrible, how come i haven't been struck by lightening once during the many, many times i've asked that he show me proof that way? either he's ignoring me, or he doesn't exist... i don't know about you, but scientific proof is more believable than a single book written hundreds, if not thousands of years ago by people wanting answers to questions they couldn't answer for themselves at the time.

once again, i hope this didn't offend you at all...i'd love to hear someone else's views on this, so if you want to respond in any manner, feel free!


terry austin


yeo-hann choong wrote:

i was reading the responses you two had been giving and i must say this:

1. god's law is a law that had to be followed, a law that had consequences if not followed, much like the law of man. if you broke a law of god it would be a 'sin'. if you broke the law of man it would be a 'crime'.

2. murphy's law is a law that shows the outcomes of things according to the circumstance, like a formula.
eg. the circumstance: everything has gone according to plan
the outcome: something will go wrong
(that may not be a correct law but i am using it as an example)

i feel that religion can't be associated with murphy's law as there is no religion that uses murphy's law as commandments. how anyone could say which one law is correct as opposed to the other is impossible, as they both do not have control in the same way. murphy's law is a law that cannot be broken, as in it does not have anything to do with being "wrong" or "right". it cannot be followed because it not a law that can be followed by man. however, the law of man and the law of god was created for people to follow. these are completely different concepts. i know well the laws of god and i have read about the laws of murphy. i am not taking sides in any way and like mr. terry austin i do not wish to offend anybody. if anyone has a different view go ahead and post it on this site or contact me directly. if you do not understand what i have explained please feel free to ask me for a clearer explanation.

confused but with a sense of direction,

yeo-hann choong


after reading mr. i.'s (i'm not going to try typing that, sorry) messages, particularly the first, it seems to me that he was trying to mock creationists. i could be wrong; there are people (particularly among creationists, unfortunately, which tends to throw a bad light on christianity since creationists are so much more vocal than christian believers in biological evolution) who seriously sound like parodies of what they actually are. nevertheless, that's what it sounds like to me. the only thing it lacks is a claim that murphy's laws contradict the third law of thermodynamics.

eric ray


i guess there are just one or two things i thought about after i re-read what i wrote. it's your decision whether to post this update, edit my original message, or do nothing; what i said or didn't say was my mistake, and i won't tell you to correct it. (obviously, it was your choice whether to post my first message, but i want to say it explicitly here.)

most importantly, what i said in parentheses about creationists came out wrong. i was trying to keep the message as short as possible. rather than shortening that to the point where i said something i didn't mean, i should have left it out altogether. also, i think the second half of mr. igbinnosa's second message and all of his third message could equally be from one of the more vocal christians online or from somebody imitating (or parodying) one; i get the idea of somebody mocking creationists mainly from the first message and a half.

thanks for reading, and sorry for unnecessarily troubling your inbox,



honestly i don't know when was this fanatical mail written, but since there still is a link for a responder i guess i can add a thing or two.

to be honest i'm a chaosist, and to make it more understandable the only "law" of this philosophical stream is:
"there is no truth, all is allowed" and to put it another way i believe in things i want to believe (it changes every second), and it doesn't matter if those thing are opposite. this "way of life" forces one to make his own research about life, death (and rarely about that what comes after cause all in all none knows that for sure). so to begin with it i can say that there are no truths or lies, this two have a purely logical base. other things are facts. and the facts are as follow:

there is something beautiful like entropy (thermodynamics), to say more there is no such thing as "indestructible", everything dies. in material world, sooner or later everything will go wrong, there is no machine capable of working for eternity. i think there is no much more to say about murphy's "physical" laws. of course beside entropy there is also a small amount of accident.

with the physical thing settled i can now move to the: soul and stuff

i've read this fanatical mail once, tried it twice, couldn't. first some credit to sender. there are some (more or less) law's that don't apply in reality (sorry i don't like this word called lie), but most of the do. logically murphy said only "if it can go wrong it will" (sooner or later (always accidentally)) the rest of this laws did not come from murphy. it is the fanatic (and i mean equally christian, and tali,,,n and other freaks) way of thinking that all, besides one; their way of thinking is a lie, which (and not the murphy way) leads to wars, racism etc. i've never personally encountered a murphy's law calling me to war. most of murphy's laws are light and mostly humorous. and not to be taken seriously. there are some that describe reality and way of life better than decalogue or other fanatical stuff. assuming that most europeans are christian there should be no wars (well i think there is no difference between french or german one and only god (applause!!!!)). now to get to the real point of it all (sorry for chaos in this mail it's hard to control it) what mr. (indescribable) means is: 1. every one who does not believe in god lives in a lie, and needs mr. imus help to follow the one and only true way of life

2. as far as i know christians and their mentality, they are incapable of thinking, because everything is said, and since god told "us" how to live we should do what he wants from us

3, it is about fear, why? because no christian parent (lets call him a robot (he really is one. why ? i'll explain it later)) has enough time to mess with the life of his children, since christian way of thinking requires less iq than murphy's, there is a potential danger that children will start to think, and what's worse to see differences between, what is written by god (or said by ever-loving sadistic parents) and reality. if there are no murphy's laws there is one danger less. robot- a born christian is told everything, if you are good you will go to heaven (for example) a murphyist knows bureaucracy, and since there were billions of humans something must go wrong, so a good one can go to hell (or wherever). robots life is simply static, he doesn't need to think, what for, everything is told, one knows all, i don't find it "spiritual" there is no personal achievement. i know few murphyist, one thing i say, they enjoy life, if it goes wrong ? to hell with it i will make some profit of it (friend works in a tv service) suicidal ? see no reason, maybe if you find it too comical and your guts pop out because you can't help but to laugh.

4.christians (those real) have this annoying habit of being missionary (took about 8.000.000 lives in south america). never seen a murphyist going through tows yelling : be aware, if something can go wrong. it will (that also goes to laws of murphy) reason, each new christian soul increases the possibility to go to heaven, personally if i was about to see same the same 100 faces for all eternity i would ask god personally to disintegrate my soul (if i have one). and since its "filthy" to have sex i want my soul to be exterminated all the more.

6.vengence. after re-reading this mail it seems the main reason or meaning of that particular mail. hatred, maybe because of all the "evil" in this world. robot minded, incapable of thinking, foreign to history. mr. imu's (or whatever) is incapable of seeing the world as it is, accidental, there is no demon driving a car responsible of a young girls death, there is no god saying come my child this world i to "bad" for your "clean" soul, oh yes sorry for that auto, simply run out of ideas (and that driver was a sinner so he will be punished (simply two in one)). he seeks everything to let his rage to flow on, but since he is civilized (and there is this unnerving thing called law) he must use ethical words (instead of fists, or some advanced torture methods (preferable)).

some comment to the later replies what we in poland say more than often is

"if you speak to god- you are a believer if god speaks to you - you're schizophrenic"

it is written....... and some shit after..... it is also written "if something can go wrong......" personally i've seen often the second in action, the first? never.

for a second i can forget about good taste and can say or even shout. christians; your way of life if a damned lie. live me and my life to me, if i want your fucking god i will ask for him, don't come to me saying he is good or something, for me he is just a pure vengeance for ones incapability to adapt to the real world. and take your filthy hands of my soul, it's mine i take care of it, you got your own, if you don't like my way than f*** y** come to me if i ask for help, i don't like home seller walking to my home with dirty shoes, cheap smelling even if they selling a god.

that is my interpretation of imuetinyan igbinnosa mail. simple advertisement, what is he selling, i said before: a god!

ps sorry for some grammatical mistakes, i'm from poland and know this and that about english, but it isn't my "normal" language

babik przemyslaw



i didn't read everything because that was a lot of information, but i think imuetinyan igbinnosa is confused with the term "law".
"law" in christian philosophy and legal terminology means a doctrine to follow and respect otherwise a person faces consequences, whereas scientific "law" means constantly infallible truthful information.

imuetinya igbinosa may also misunderstand the title, "living by murphy's laws".
murphy's laws aren't something to live by, but a "law" as defined by science.
what i think raanan avidor means by "living by murphy's laws" is that people actually experience stuff that murphy's laws describe.

like me for instance.

last semester i tried printing an essay at school and the computer wouldn't print. so, i switched computers and the internet wouldn't work. so i switched to another computer and both worked, but the printer malfunctioned. the printer was fixed then ran out of paper. once i finally got my essay printed, i went to the library to get it stapled. the stapler was out of staples, so they gave me some staples to place in the stapler. but, they had just got a new stapler so i didn't know how to put the staples in. i asked somebody (naomi) since she was right behind me (once everything worked, of course) and she said "maybe push this button." and so she did and now the stapler in the library has to be lifted up to staple. we still didn't get the staples in the stapler, so we asked the librarian. she didn't know how either, so she had to ask someone else. finally, with the staplers in, i stapled my essay and was finally able to hand it in.



i'm a christian,

i believe that both murphy's laws and gods laws go hand in hand. for this reason alone: god has a sense of humor... that explains everything, if you were the one supreme being and need entertainment why not throw a few things into the universe that made a little chaos, i know i would. i mean it doesn't matter if you atheist, christian, hebrew, buddhist or muslim... murphy's laws don't care about religion, or race or personal beliefs... its all one big practical joke.

nathan marshall


considering the e-mails you have been receiving on christianity, etc.
maybe the christian person is right & you're wrong, i guess in a thousand years we'll know who's right or wrong.
what will the consequences if you're wrong? if he is wrong, he really isn't out much but if he is right, he has eternal life. what will you have if you are wrong?
i started reading these laws for the humor but you got deep on me, but enjoyed the page, very entertaining.

harold murphy



i was researching for a speech on murphy's law when i came upon your website.
i got to reading, and i was astonished when i read about all the emails between you and a mr. "i". it seems that you had taken a purely informational web site and turned it into a religious debate.
as i read the emails, i was surprised because the emails really had only to do with you making fun of christian beliefs. i am a christian, and proud of it. though i don't believe that posting those emails just to make a mockery out of religion was correct, i will say that mr. "i" is just a little too 'anal.' murphy's law has absolutely nothing to do with religion. it is merely something that people have perpetuated, as it is humorous. it is a good way to laugh at things that normally would be depressing. mr. "i" seems to have too much time on his hands. there is no reason to be picking away at the fun of others. i have come upon many sites that say that murphy's law is an atheistic belief and that following it means that you are disobeying god. come on! these people need to get a life. i hope that you take down your postings, or at least try not to be so rude about the mistaken mr. "i".

thanks for reading
stick bug sarah


i had to answer this e-mail, maybe i woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

hello sarah.

the first thing i wanted to write you was "who died and made you god?"
you are so opinionated, rude and wrong.
"site is purely informational" - no it's not, this site isn't only about information, it's also here to make you laugh, to make you think.
"mr. "i" is just a little too 'anal.'" - i don't think so, i think he truly believes what he says, i don't.
"murphy's law has absolutely nothing to do with religion" - don't they? so why are there so many christian comments about this site (your e-mail included)
"these people need to get a life" - they have one, with a different belief system then yours, that is all
"i hope that you take down your postings" - never. why should i? because you don't like them? they make people think, they make people react. when you send an e-mail to me, about my site, you know that it might get posted (you see other e-mail posted on the site).
"try not to be so rude about the mistaken mr. "i"." - i don't think i was rude to mr. imuetinyan igbinnosa, you are, he has a name, use it. i'm rude to you, because it's the only way i know to treat rude people.

sincerely yours.
 ,    ,
(oo) raanan avidor -
(      ) murphy's laws -


i am writing in response to mr. igbinnosa on his opinion of murphy's laws (life by murphy).
i believe these "laws" are simply a documentation of life's paradoxes that have already occurred and of which we can hardly control. for me, i enjoy reading these laws for their entertainment value. they do not exist in reality and cannot be linked to religious laws or laws created by man to regulate society. i doubt if any reasonable person sets out on any given day determined to abide by a murphy's law. therefore, to link it with christian principles in the way he did is to trivialize important messages that the religion contains. 

murphy's law is indeed high grade, positive humor. i respectfully disagree with mr. igbinnosa that we should abandon mirth in our society, or practice only the form of entertainment that he approves!!! in recent months we have witnessed how completely buttoned-down societies have created breeding ground for the greatest form of evil.

bassey essien


does everything we do have to go back to a religious conflict?  murphy's law is fact of life and it has nothing to do with heaven or hell or god or anyone else.  it isn't right or wrong, it just is...those of you who keep looping back to religion need to find something better to do with your time.

acacia anderson


christianity vs. murphy


...i stumbled on your feedback page, and got to reading the dialogue between you and mr. i. all i can say is, is the saying quote: one bad apple spoils the lot, a murphy's law?? because that's certainly what he did. i believe in god. and to be honest, i'venever ever thought of there being a "christian" law versus a "murphy's" law way of living. i firmly believe god has a sense of humor. absolutely no doubt. and i really don't think god is frowning on murphy's laws, all murphy's laws are, is putting onto paper, what we humans experience, its not rocket science. its life. deal with it. i think what the guy did (basically forcing you to become a christian with scare tactics) is disgusting, and i apologies that he's given us such a bad name. if he's reading this, its not the way we do it.....some advice, stop using big words, it only makes you look stuck up, and nobody likes a smart arse. speak english.... using sentences that everyone understands, you piss people off because nobody understands a word your saying in your self righteous gibberish, and get a sense of humor buddy...

take care.
the bundy chick


hey raanan,
i read through your email postings about murphy's laws on the internet interesting discussions were made. i emailed imuetinyan, and he would like if you posted this following email that he sent me, which i placed below, since he lost your email address. just fyi, i agree with what he is saying. thanks in advance my friend. feel free to email me back if you like.


if you meet a person hurrying to fall-off a cliff, and you urgently reach out to restrain the suicidal person, would you call that 'forcing things on people'?
rather certain things need strong response to save lives. to argue that people have a right to die is a wrong, indeed warped, way of thinking. instead everyone has a right to have life, and have it in abundance.
to embrace murphy's law, or any of its content is hurrying to fall off the cliff, and destruction. the reason is because, there is no other way by which a person can be saved except through jesus christ, the son of the most high god in heaven.
the seriousness of the error that murphy's laws, and others like it, represent is downplayed by the jokes, sense of belonging, and false peace which it seems to promote. indeed it attempts to substitute, or blind people (especially young people), to the truth that is found only in christ jesus, the redeemer.

dear everyone,
truly, truly, only jesus can save.
any bold and courageous person can at least enter into their secret room, alone, and call on the name of jesus, saying, "lord jesus save me from (depression, loneliness, anything), and reveal yourself to me". it is that simple, yet such a person will find the incredible of the goodness and incredible love of the creator of the heaven and earth and everything in them.
i will appreciate it if you could place this for all to read.
thank you partner,
and may god bless you.



first of all just let me say that i have known of murphy all my life. he can be fun and a pain, everything is, otherwise our lives would be something like the movie "logan's run". which was a bad movie. are a fruitcake, just out of curiosity are you related to "chuck" manson? you two are on the same level, i was born and raised a catholic, i went to a catholic school, so i know all the bs they try and brainwash into weaker minded people. the crusades were the bloodiest battles in history, all in the name of god. there were countless people murdered simply because they did not believe in someone else's god. let me tell you something, in my time at catholic school i was constantly being talked down because i had a few historical facts about a few things, the crusades for one, it got to the point where i was taken out of the room because i would bring up that christians believed in systematic killing of cultures, that the swastika was a symbol of strength and good, (they had a problem with that because no one could see any further back than world war two).
in short get off you make-believe horse, and lighten up the world would be a better place with fewer radicals like yourself. besides, people as devout as yourself usually belong to organizations such as al-qaida. people like you are dangerous to everyone around you, you are too blind to see that things are good the way they are, you feel that you have to make everyone think like you. people like you need to be locked up. end of story.



just dropping a line, after reading your short debate with the one fellow on - and i have to say, that guy is the perfect work of evidence for my own faith - that of discordianism - if ever such existed. being of a "religion" based upon the principle that chaos is the underlying force of all existence lends an amusing tint to everything - especially when one's goddess also is proclaimed to have a sense of humor. after all, we blame her for everything, in one way or another, and she has yet to swat any of us discordians down, so we figure she has to find it funny. after all, why else would she have let humor be invented?

kassil roshah


man everyone is lookin way to much in to this whole thing. this is not the law as in something we have to follow, this is like the laws of gravity, it's a part of life we just put it in to a funny saying.
great site man but ppl be gettin carried away!

o love, look into religon man we're not all as wacky as him,

my name is mags,

i have been working fire rescue in philadelphia for about 6 years now. we have always used a term that we pretty much named "murphy's law of ems" - "three am, third floor, three hundred pounds." it never seems to fail.

there is another one but it is not as well known:
"if it looks good, you will be eating it on the way to a call." -ever time we try to sit down and eat something, the tones always drop, like clockwork.
my parish priest has a favorite element of murphy:
no good deed goes unpunished. (originally said by samuel l. clemens also known as mark twain)

hi all,

i was born as a tribute to murphy.

these are the laws of my life:
i'm 27 years old man who was always in the wrong place at the wrong moment...
  • do never ever do like i do, since you may be almost so unlucky as i was.
  • you shouldn't feel unlucky when you feel the transport... just when you loose the very last one!
  • it is the very same thing as saying: don't feel unlucky when you loose your wallet, only when you loose it in a different country and you don't have a penny left.
  • when you have another accident that affects the right leg or feet...
  • in that same place you'll have all sorts of other injuries,
  • the other leg or feet will start to complain because of the extra effort
  • whenever you need something, it will be damaged.
  • when you want something, don't tell it to anybody. when you love someone don't tell it to anybody. the chances she jokes with you are very big.
  • women always get involved with the worse men. women always love the wrong men
  • never prepare yourself to a date or to go out. something will go wrong:
  • they will not show up or some drunk guy will cause you trouble.
  • just in case that they actually show up, the girls will have to leave five minutes before you have the proper atmosphere or the right occasion.
  • you will meet girls exactly when you dress bad, or you came from work... and sweating.
  • when you get her number, it will happen:
  • you don't have a pen, so you will not write it down!
  • you have a mobile phone the battery will be low or... you write the number on and forget to save it.
  • if you think you lucky because you talk to her again... she will be ill or away in the day you have the date.
  • whenever you are ready, she won't. whenever she his... you will be working or ill.
  • you will always learn things the hardest way.
  • don't consider you're lost unless you're 1000 miles away from home.
  • the only times you forget to do what you were told is when the boss is around. the only minute you distract is when your boss will catch you.
one day, all this at my web page...

good luck!

since i started to write this text i've been forced to stop it five times and tried to call a girl using every possible combination of numbers closed to the one i memorized... without any success.

sent by saul
sitaram shastri wrote:

when i was in college, it always used to rain the day after i used to get my mobike all washed up and polished (the polishing i used to do myself). this must have happened to me at least a dozen times. it used to rain the very next day!
greg wrote:

any of these laws i thought to have proved wrong just proved themselves right in one email from my girlfriend.

dear greg,

we regret to inform you that you are single.

this is just after i turned down offers from three, count 'em three beautiful women, who are all going out with other people now. if that isn't bad luck, i ask you this: what is?? of course, sticking to that life sucking hellhole of a relationship would have been worse, but that's only in retrospect. if i had the opportunity i'd be jumping back into my previous relationship. unfortunately that opportunity isn't available, so i'll just trash it in retrospect.

when hoping for some late night action with someone, that person will never come if you prepare for their visit.
they will, however, as soon as you give up hope, get frustrated, de-makeup yourself, and hop in to bed.

this has happened to me and my friends many times over. you see someone during the day and they say they might drop by later on that night (you know what that means!) so you make yourself look your best and try to make it seem as if you just happen to always look and smell that good; the person will never show up. they will show up, though, as soon as you give up hope and crawl into bed. when they do come over all of your efforts were in vain.
let the truth be told!!!

shonda l.

murphy's law is real. it all happens everyday. everyone can relate to it. it is a pattern which he started to map and never got to finish... no one can finish it, since there are endless possibilities due to the amount of people in the world.


a different twist to murphy's law...

i believe that reading about murphy's law on your site helped me to understand it's place in my life.
i have noticed how everything is subject to our interpretation and judgments yet our perception is actually limited by a societal consciousness. i believe that murphy's law has nothing to do with religion but with how you choose to see the unfolding of the events in your life. i believe that your thoughts and words create your experience so if you set the intention for this law it will manifest in your life. it works both ways we just notice when it seems to work against us. genetically we are programmed to move away from pain because it feels like death. example you are thinking of someone and they call you... or you are walking down the street and say all i need is to see my ex and my day will turn out worst than it started. and sure enough they pass right by you. i believe that murphy's law serves as the universe's wake up call. it forces us to embrace change because we are creatures of habit who fear change. it also lets us become aware of just how powerful our thoughts are. i have realized that there are times when rejection serves as a form of protection in my life. i am avoiding unnecessary pain and stagnation that i hold onto out of fear of change in my life. murphy's law forces us to see that at times no matter how hard you desire something it may not be the best thing for you at that given moment. or it may seem like a blessing but is an unforeseen curse in disguise. realize that laws like money are neutral and must be seen and applied objectively... that's when our human natures flaw us because we are emotional beings who take things too personally at times. think about the worst experience you have had and try to see it's opportunity for transformation and you will see that murphy's law is not as brutal as it seems.

take care and have a blessed day.


if i ever find or capture that malignant little troglodyte leprechaun murphy, i'm going to beat him within an inch of his life.

mary case

i have an addition to murphy law, it is true in every sense and is the very foundation of all creation. i heard it from a very wise and old source, and this mystic, ancient guru said to me, "ah well, arse beats class".



worst events

i think these laws are very useful. i want to prove something with these laws.
if we assume that there're true then we can assume the worst thing about murphy can be being a son-of-a-bitch. because of this law this worst thing is happened and he's a son-of-a-bitch. also we can prove everything similar. for example we can prove he's a bastard. we can prove he's a liar. just think about that. a philosopher has a law that he says his law is true. a bad possibility is that he's a liar. ok then with murphy's rules he's a liar. was it simple?

sent by ali ghafouri

it is very hard to believe but i feel that murphy's law is more fundamental and accurate than any other laws i know. i have always believed in the principle of occam's razor, i.e. the simplest explanation is the best one. the amazing thing about murphy's law is that it is more predictable than newton's law of motion or other physical or chemical calculations. i feel that this is due to the fact that scientific laws require all factors and variables pertaining to a situation to be accurate. however, murphy law -"if anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway"- incorporates all possibilities that science does not have. this makes it so powerful that it will work no matter what the situation is. if i study very hard for a test and manage to score a on my exam, i could say that i could have done worse, but in fact i did not. if i instead get a b, i could say that there was a slight chance that questions x and y might be on the test which i did not study for, and thus i did not do well. murphy's law works superbly for people, relationships and events, because life is not all cause and effect as science makes us think. life is more like quantum, where one event can trigger countless different possibilities and one must make a decision. however, if seen closely each decision itself leads to countless other decisions and this process goes one, and does not necessarily reaches the desired goal. i must say that in the today's world we are all seeing things upside down. people are told to always remain optimistic, believe in themselves and yada yada....but in this way people tend to get discouraged if their actions do not match up their optimistic level. but if one keeps his damn thinking low, be prepared and keep the worst case scenarios always in mind...well he will never be disappointed in himself ever. that is why i love murphy's law so much because it does not prove but states the inevitable possibility- the possibility of failure. so keep at least the main murphy's law in mind and you all will do well in life.

peace *********

sent by saurabh saddi

ill luck has nothing to do with it: believe in god and remember to say "oh-well" and it will be on the non-believer that murphy's wrath circumvents their ill faith.

sent by charles

yeah i don't know where that guy was from but if he was from the us he's what we call a "christian fundamentalist." we tend to look down on those people here.

see the thing is, if there was a god, wouldn't he not have allowed wwii and wwi and 9-11 and hell, everything else that went wrong to happen? that only proves that god too is subject to murphy's law. murphy, on behalf of the marine corps, we support you all the way.

by the way, having total faith in god also means knowing and accepting that god will occasionally create a clusterfuck, and going to religion is basically running away from reality. it's a nice thought, but deal with the here and now while you still can.

sent by charlie

i've always been a fan of murphy's law. particularly that of combat, being enlisted. although it puzzles me, often how the forums all resort to base theology, in their argument... i'm not christian, but i'm not atheist, either. (druid, if anyfur's counting) but in all my wonderings, i continue to return to the same conclusion;

~"... man made 'god' in his own image..."~

post it if you will makes no never mind to me.

ttfn (ta-ta, for now),

~amus 'shire maus' horn

in all my years (i'll soon be 46) i've never been that attractive to women.
but once that i found "the one" i also found the two, the three, the four, etc.
i developed gibson's theorem as follows:
once you have found the last girl for the rest of your life, the rest suddenly find you irresistible.

pete gibson.

a man is a man by heart and tongue.

sky don't rain gold and silver unless you work hard.

noor nooran

if you're in love, you're screwed...

its better to have tissue and not need it, than to need tissue and not have it...
or if you need tissue...
you ain't gone have it...
ain't that a bitch...
the screen is flashing at me...
i need a better job...
0ne that don't make me sick...
one that won't make me sell my soul...
one that won't make me kill myself...
i need a new job...
and i need a new girl...
but i want the old one...
she's not old...
just older than me...
but fuck that tangent...

sent by j moody
back when almost everybody used to smoke, i attended college in texas and lived in a women's dormitory.
things were very different then (1964+), and among other things we weren't allowed out of the dorm after 11:00 p.m. fortunately, if we ran out of smokes, there was a cigarette machine in the basement that tended to draw more business as the night wore on.
one night i found myself in the basement buying a pack of marlboros, and when i dropped in my quarters and pulled the marlboro knob, the cigarettes fell out but i could tell the quarters did not drop. hmmmm, i thought, maybe i can get two packs for one! so i pulled the marlboro knob again. another pack fell, but the quarters stayed where they were. pretty soon i had exhausted the marlboro bin and began pulling the knobs for other brands. by this time a small crowd had formed, and people were pulling knobs willy nilly, packs of cigarettes were dropping out of the slot, and still the quarters remained. eventually the entire machine was empty, and we smokers thought we were in hog heaven. i returned to my floor with an armload of cigarettes and passed them out to anyone who was still up. returning to my room, i realized i was out of matches, so i went back to the closest smoker and asked for a light. she was out of matches, too. to make a long story short, nobody in the entire dorm who had taken the "free" cigarettes had any matches, and for some reason no one had a lighter, either.
murphy's smoker's law:
when you have all the cigarettes you need, you will have no way to light them.
(i was so young then that i did not realize that actions have consequences, even when you think you didn't do anything wrong. the cigarette vendor complained to the dorm mother, who made us return every single pack of cigarettes we took, or pay for them. sometimes i think i learned as much in those 24 hours as i did the rest of my time in college.)

wendy wenner busk
murphy and his laws seem to have been living with us for over ten years, ever since the summer before our daughter went into 1st grade...
it was that labor day weekend that we decided to go away for a short vacation. we ended up in the catskill mountains, just about a 4 or 5 hour drive from our home in southeast connecticut. before the end of that weekend, my previously healthy, 42 year old husband had a heart attack. they kept him up there for a week to stabilize him, and then per our new hartford cardiologist, sent him home via life star helicopter. for years our insurance company refused to pay the bill for the "air fare" until finally the doctor told them to.
murphy's law? the cardiologists up in albany said not to do an angioplasty as one of the blockages was too close to his aorta. the htfd. cardiologist said "what do those hicks know up there. get him back down here, etc. they did the angioplasty at htfd., it collapsed the next day and nearly made me a widow. i only got to see my husband for two minutes, and that was as they were shaving his chest on the elevator on the way to the emergency surgery for a triple bypass. that day was my daughter's first day in first grade.
murphy's law again. there were very explicit instructions for our daughter to get on a specific bus to her day care after school, because i had no idea what time i was going to be home from the hospital. luckily i was a few doors down from our house, because the 1st grade teacher put her deliberately on her home bus, telling our daughter she must have it all wrong.
then as the years went by, my husband convalesced, thank god. our daughter developed add. i developed fibromyalgia and a few other disabilities. i have been fighting ssa for many years. i had to stop working, and when i did, our income went down by 40%.but of course our bills didn't. (another murphy's law?)
i'm going to send this, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. i just can't stay on the computer too long, as i've lost a great deal of my ability to concentrate, thanks to the fibro.
part 2 will come another time, with the thrills and spills of car accidents with broken necks, hospitalizations for drug interactions, etc., etc. no one can tell me murphy's laws don't exist!



dear raanan,
i have such a poor memory thanks to my fibromyalgia that it would have been a long time before you saw "part 2," if it wasn't for this e-mail prompting me to remember!
i have to keep a high spirit. if i didn't, i would mope around the house all day. they ay (by "they" i mean the medical community.) that chronic pain illnesses generally make the patient clinically depressed. i will certainly vouch for that! but even though i've tried every anti-depressant "in the book", i can't say for certain that i feel any differences far as that goes. so does that mean i was depressed before i came down with fm, and just didn't know it?

anyway, to part 2!
i'd had consistent back trouble on and off, ever since i was about 13. that's where much of my original pain was, so i didn't think much of it. when it started to appear in my shoulder, hip and ankle, i finally did complain to my doctor, who is someone i've known since high school, as his sister was one of my closest friends. in fact, she was one of my bridesmaids when we got married in 1976 (yes, nearly 26 years!). fm was not generally well known during the mid-80's, but my doctor was on the ball. so i was on a minor narcotic for pain, and also every time a new arthritis drug came on the market, he would have me try it. finally, vioxx did the trick for me. i occasionally had him up the prescription for pain.

by the time i was 38, i was a mess. i also went through menopause at that point. my mom had gone through it that early herself. my doc tried giving me hrt (hormone replacement therapy), but it gave me a very odd side effect. it made my legs basically "blow up." they were bright red, swollen and hot, seemingly from the inside. it was as if they were boiling. they did x-rays, ultrasound and even an mri trying to find what was wrong with them. no one could find anything, and none of the anti-biotic were working. i basically had to lay down with my legs elevated and put ice on them much of the day and night. oddly enough, they weren't really painful. i found out later that they really were painful, but i was on such a high dose of pain killers that i didn't feel it, or much of the rest of what was wrong with me, either. the other worst side effect hadn't even started yet, - the sweating!

out of sheer desperation my doctor finally decided to put me on prednisone, a steroid. the other "specialists" had just about given up on me, and were beginning to talk about amputation, because i was starting to have something called "necropsy (sp?)" and they were afraid of gangrene. anyway, the prednisone worked like a charm! within two days there was nothing left but the redness, which remains in part to this day. however, every time i tried to wean myself off the prednisone, the legs would flare up again. but i wanted to keep my legs, so i tried to learn how to deal with all the side effects - the fat, round "moon face" that steroids seem to give you, and the sweats. they were the visible ones. the invisible ones i really wasn't warned about. i didn't eat much, i don't know why because steroids usually give you the munchies. but i did eat a lot of popsicles, for some reason. one morning i woke up unable to see much of anything. my vision was blurred in both eyes. i had developed what they call "pseudo-diabetes" which is a "normal" side effect of steroids. no one told me! to this day my vision is still kind of impaired. at that time my eye doctor told me he had never seen anyone's vision change so quickly.

then, to take my mind of all that, i started to have immense pain in my left thigh and a fire-like nerve pain along the tops of both legs. i had also been placed on neurontin to help take care of the pain in my sciatic nerve, and that was helping just fine. so where was this all coming from??

this was summertime, which kind of explains the popsicles!
my husband found a great way to get my mind off my troubles. instead, he started having them! he totaled two cars that summer, from falling asleep at the wheel. rotating shifts are very hard for him, especially with his health history, but of course, he didn't want to lose his job. and i was no help, because i hadn't worked in years. i was still trying to get ssdi (social security disability income), which has been another nightmare! (maybe there'll be a part 3! i'm getting tired!) some weekends if he had the time off, he would work one night up at the irish club, bartending. even though he's swedish and italian, he pours about the best guinness beer this side of the atlantic. i'm the irish one, in fact i used to sing irish music professionally.

one friday night he went up to work there after putting in either a ten or twelve hour shift at his regular job. he called me at 11pm and said not to wait up for him, he was going to go sleep in his truck before he drove the 20 miles home. he was tired. i was happy he was being sensible. the following morning when he wasn't home, i kept calling the club every 15 minutes until someone picked up the phone. i asked them to check the parking lot, and, as i feared, his truck was not there. i raced back to the answering machine (that we so infrequently used now that i was not working in real estate anymore) and sure enough there was a message there from 4 am, saying that don was in a car accident and had been brought to hartford hospital.


this is just a little inspiration to brighten up your day (-:

a group of frogs were hopping contentedly through the woods, going about their froggy business, when two of them fell into a deep pit. all of the other frogs gathered around the pit to see what could be done to help their companions.
when they saw how deep the pit was, the rest of the dismayed group agreed that it was hopeless and told the two frogs in the pit that they should prepare themselves for their fate, because they were as good as dead.
unwilling to accept this terrible fate, the two frogs began to jump with all of their might. some of the frogs shouted into the pit that it was hopeless, and that the two frogs wouldn't be in that situation if they had been more careful, more obedient to the froggy rules, and more responsible.
the other frogs continued sorrowfully shouting that they should save their energy and give up, since they were already as good as dead. the two frogs continued jumping as hard as they could, and after several hours of desperate effort were quite weary. finally, one of the frogs took heed to the calls of his fellows. spent and disheartened, he quietly resolved himself to his fate, lay down at the bottom of the pit, and died as the others looked on in helpless grief.
the other frog continued to jump with every ounce of energy he had, although his body was wracked with pain and he was completely exhausted. his companions began anew, yelling for him to accept his fate, stop the pain and just die. the weary frog jumped harder and harder and -- wonder of wonders! finally leapt so high that he sprang from the pit.
amazed, the other frogs celebrated his miraculous freedom and then gathering around him asked, "why did you continue jumping when we told you it was impossible?"
reading their lips, the astonished frog explained to them that he was deaf, and that when he saw their gestures and shouting, he thought they were cheering him on. what he had perceived as encouragement inspired him to try harder and to succeed against all odds.
this simple story contains a powerful lesson. the book of proverbs says, "there is death and life in the power of the tongue." your encouraging words can lift someone up and help them make it through the day. your destructive words can cause deep wounds; they may be the weapons that destroy someone's desire to continue trying -- or even their life.
your destructive, careless word can diminish someone in the eyes of others, destroy their influence and have a lasting impact on the way others respond to them. be careful what you say. speak life to (and about) those who cross your path. there is enormous power in words. if you have words of kindness, praise or encouragement -- speak them now to, and about, others. listen to your heart and respond. someone, somewhere, is waiting for your words. this is so true, we either empower or destroy with our words.
are you aware of what you say?
which of the two do you do most of the time?

wishing you success
lori eddy
714 847 9494
in the mid-late 70's, i went to college in west virginia with charlotte mcevoy, of lincoln, nebraska.
from one of charlotte's observations, i modified it slightly and dubbed it "mcevoy's law":
the cleanliness of the room is inversely proportional to the clutter in the drawers.

kurt c. siegel
when i first started dating a murphy back 3 years ago i was enlightenedabout the truth of murphy's law. i always thought that his family was kidding, but here we are tree years later... married with achild and i am a true believer of murphy's law. lol, it has struck many, many times thro the years. i thought well it will just be my husband who has the luck of the murphy curse, but i was sooooo wrong. i guess i'm just guilty by association.

j murphy
you win the big one (about 6 million), call all your nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, and family and tell them they get new cars, the home they have always wanted, school is paid for, not to mention you aunty is gunna pay for it all. but then she drives to the capital and they tell her she bought her ticket 2 minuts past the offical deadline.
her ticket numbers will be on the news none other than.... tomorrow.
jared maxwell
i was born with the gift of being a murphy and my life has always been based on the our laws. yes, i consider them our laws because of the incredible luck that my life has had, or should i say lack of luck. i just wonder if all murphy's are so blessed to accept this since of humor while being hit with all the tragedies that come with our birth given name. after 45 years of blessed blundering bad luck, you have to admit to yourselves that it be ironically funny that a person really is their name.
sent by kimm coleman
i'm 23 and i'm from portugal. my birthday is july 13, which is summer up here. the sun always shines when i blow candles, that's for sure. until last july, when me and a few friends decided to throw a college graduation party with more than 200 people in an open-air area. i assured them it wouldn't rain, because it was scheduled for my birth date, and i should know. that's when i first heard about the murphy's law. i told my fellows it was b***shit, they agreed, and we went on without any precaution. somewhere around the afternoon that day, a few clouds came along to join us. my friends started looking at me. for the first time in northern portugal in 23 years, it poured the july 13th.


miguel araujo jorge
porto, portugal
bernard writes:
it can be raining pu$$y and i'll get hit in the head with a dick.
you are not living life, unless you are living it in debt.
my life story
krupal desai writes:
customers & asses is never become someone because when customer find some benefit from others he never with you and our asses is also like that because when we try to develop our image to somebody she becomes bhoomms

you'll be the judge.
a few years ago, i applied to work in a laboratory near where i lived. i'd been unemployed for a year or so and when i saw the advert i phoned for an application form and sent it in. later i heard on the news that a laboratory has burnt down, yes it was the same one i applied to. the building was demolished and they moved to a smaller place so they didn't actually need anyone for the job.

just my luck
martin williams


i've sent martin an e-mail to thank him for the e-mail he sent, and i've asked him if he's working now. here is his replay:


actually no, i don't, 5 years unemployed now.
but one murphy thing, almost all of my previous jobs well in some the buildings have been demolished, some there isn't any departments left. used to work in a library distributing books to old peoples homes, loved it, then temporary contract ended and i left, then they pulled the place down and built houses. then i got another job in student grants (a year before they abolished it), so, no job. over 3/4 of the place i used to work at have shut down. how's that for luck . still you got to laugh.
murphy personified (martin)
i have been working the last 22 years. i have never brought my girlfriend to my office. couple of weeks ago i went with her to my office to pick up some cds. it was saturday afternoon, non working day, no one else in the building. 15 minutes later my boss also showed up!!!
fortunately we were just getting the cds from my desk... i really laughed a lot, thinking of the applicable "law".
i am a christian and i do not find any problem with these laws. they are not something you have to do. some things just happen on such a way. not always but there are many times that they do. i have many personal examples in every field (army, police, tech, computer, etc.) i absolutely agree with the "laws"

best wishes
murphy said it. i believe it. that settles it.
sent by les benton
70 miles outside the middle of nowhere

in the mid-70s i was serving in the us army, posted with an army reserve construction unit in anchorage, alaska.

for their annual two-week training they were sent to ft. greely, outside of delta junction, which is about mid-way between anchorage and fairbanks. the middle of nowhere.

one of the tasks for the reservists was to grade a dirt road about 70 miles from delta junction shortly after the spring breakup. i don't think i saw another vehicle the whole time we were out there. what i did see, however, was a billboard. there were three verses; i don't remember the third.
it was titled:
murphy's law if anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment.
if there are more ways than one for something to go wrong, the one that will happen is the one that is worst.
(i don't remember even the gist of the third verse).

i always wondered what happened out there that caused somebody to erect a billboard 70 miles outside the middle of nowhere!

sent by katherine
living by murphy's laws...hmmm

i was just wondering....
(after chortling over several pages of laws, then plunging into very eloquent and heartfelt discourses on christianity vs. everyone else)...
if god and jesus are the only way to go, then what happened to all of the people who died before the year 1? did they get grandfathered in to heaven, or did a murphy's incident of sorts happen to them? if you died before jesus was born, you get a one way ticket to hell?
and, why is it that when you do decide to commit your life to a religion, everyone in the world has a different phrase gleaned from several holy texts (including the one you use) that implicitly states that your religion is morally bankrupt and their religion is the only way out of eternal damnation?

sent by shana
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i was reading through all the things that were posted.
if you were born before year you are the doctoring of the torah because "christianity" originated from judaism through a spirit of god in man know on earth in english as jesus.
in order truly understand the bible you actually have to seek outside sources in cases of catholics they seek the pope because he is the "person appointed by god to represent god ideas and laws on earth", if you're protestant like a lot of christians are you seek religious leaders of various sorts, historical texts, and "the man up stairs".
i like murphy's law they are just observation of things happening on earth.
by the way the crusades were retaliation to a muslim attack, i don't remember when, where, what or why they attacked something christian related but it's a start to getting "correct" information out there.
by the way i was sort of raised a christian but i took i look for myself before i started on my path to receiving christ through grace not works.
the bible is a very historical set of books written by man you may not agree with the theology it present but i recommend reading it anyway just for a different point of view on history than average historian presents.

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ok, i will do my best to explain to you a concept i have given myself in order to cope with the frustration that comes with murphy's laws, especially the type that makes your temples throb and you want to get creative with hair styles (random bald patches can be a great look).

now this is all seen by me in good humor just incase you think i am a complete nut-job (i am only a partial nut-job with a very active imagination).

after experiencing murphy's law since my adolescence (coincidently, the time when i first started making important decisions for myself), i have come to feel/believe that there is the presence/existence of a certain well humored entity. a type of god if you will. i have come to call this entity murphy (usually pronounced bloody murphy!!!).
i believe this god is a very well refined sense of humor, a kind of 'prankster' god. hence, striking down upon individuals when ever he feels like a bit of a chuckle.

i have observed that some certain individuals, or more accurately, a certain type of person seems to be preferred victim to murphy, and others spared. this does make sense because once realizing this, it does become all the more frustrating. believe me.

long after selective apathy set in and accepting that maybe i am one of his "preferred" victims, i thought that i could help others with my seemingly bad fortune. 'how do i do this?' you ask. simple. become a martyr.

now before you reach to click the delete icon let me give you this simple example in the form of a story:
two men are walking along and come across a fork in the road, they are both trying to decide which will be the easiest route, left or right. they both know the roads met up again, and that one of the roads will be an pleasant journey, the other, not so pleasant... but which is which? they have no idea and it comes down to a 50-50 chance.
the martyr, rather than deciding on continuing together and risking his own bad fortune be imposed on his friend, he suggests they both take separate paths.
making the decision using a coin toss (or any method involving luck), the martyr continues down one path, his friend the other.
using the "what ever can go wrong will go wrong" the martyr will have chosen the wrong path, cursing himself with bad luck, but endowing his friend with a very pleasant journey and great fortune.

the point of the story is, someone can sometimes use their terrible luck to benefit others.

when ever i have told this concept to anyone that usually try label me as a pessimist, i simply reply "no, i am a realist."
but as i said before, this is all in good humor, for without humor, the world would be a rather dull place indeed.

i hope you enjoyed this even a fraction of how i enjoy your web site.

thank you.

(i now wait for the impending doom i will experience at the click of the send button).

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when i first got chris e-mail i liked the idea so much that i've replied to it saying that his e-mail is unreadable. chris fell for it :)