About Murphy Laws Site (and me).


I'm Raanan Avidor, born 1970, married to my beloved wife Orly Gileadi Avidor, we have a wonderful daughter named Danielle, born in 2000, a son named Yonatan, born in 2003 and a daughter named Yaly, born in 2008.

I'm your average computer geek (started on the '80, with a Sinclair, today I have 2 computers one runs Windows and one (not working at the moment) Linux.

My favorite science fiction writer is Larry Niven (told you I'm a geek) who mentioned in his stories Murphy's Laws a few times.

I'm a web application team leader.

I've started this site somewhere in the 20th centuary at Geocities as "My Homepage"; who am I, a couple of links, and a few words, I just wanted to learn HTML...
You can guess I didn't have a lot of hits to that site :-) (BTW did you know the :-) is 20 years old?)
Once I've posted a few words about something that happened to me that reminded me of Murphy Law, some time later I got an e-mail about Murphy Law, Murphy's Laws became a sub-section in the site, I started getting e-mails from interesting people, after a little time it swallowed the entire site.
I've moved out of Geocities when the community of geocities died and the adds became bigger then the page. I Bought a domain, hired some web space and I'm trying to pay the bills with Google AdSense.

Murphy's Laws site is about all the laws of Murphy in one place.
Murphy Law Origin, Love, Tech, Computer Laws and more.

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Murphys' Site LogoMurphy's Laws

The most entertaining aspect of this online repository, dedicated to those instances in which fate ensnares us, may be the thought of someone spending long nights coming up with every conceivable way things can go wrong. Categorized by subject (e.g. love, tech, commerce, etc.). Skim through these laws or submit your own.
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Murphy's Laws Site
If Murphy's Laws screenshotanything can go wrong, it will. Murphy's law is one of the most famous (and quoted) laws on the books. A pessimist's dream, this cynical yet entertaining site explains the origin of Murphy's Law and the wide variety of corollaries it has spawned. Sure, all the basic Murphyisms are listed -- "You will always find something in the last place you look" or "When a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman, it will work perfectly" -- but they are only the tip of the iceberg. You'll also find Murphy infiltrating the world of computers, law enforcement, and love. As a final tip, just remember this comforting law: "A knowledge of Murphy's Law is no help in any situation." Well, that's just great! (in Entertainment > Humor)
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